Our team can help you turn your ordinary home & office into an Intelligent one

We give you a seamless integration that allows:

– the control of your premises using your smart phone
– Lighting Control (Dim the light or change the colour of the lights)
– Power Control (Monitor Consumption and usage)
– Temperature Control (HVAC)
– the ability to monitor leakage and take necessary steps
– Surveillance feed on your phone or tablet
– the ability to Lock & Unlock Doors remotely from your smart device
– the ability to be notified if there is motion around your premises
– You to Get warnings if there is smoke or fire in your house
– You to Open & Close your Curtains, Blinds & Garage from your phone
– and do more with our home automation systems


Unit 4c, Salex House, Gaborone West Mall, Gaborone, Gaborone, Botswana