Neema Certified Accountants and Business Advisors (Neema) provides accounting and advisory services. Our services include financial reporting, accounting, bookkeeping, advisory, data entry and analysis, company secretarial, tax preparation and other business services.

Mission Statement: To deliver in the most efficient manner, high quality business and financial solutions that enable our clients to meet their business goals more effectively.

Financial reporting
•Prepare financial statements including the footnote disclosures, based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Financial Reporting Standards for Small and Medium-sized Entities (IFRS for SMEs) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP).
•Research, document and communicate technical accounting hot topics and issues.

Accounting and bookkeeping
•Prepare accounting schedules and reports to aid in financial reporting and management decision making. Schedules include: reconciliations, roll forwards and armotisation. Reports include: revenue, expenses, deferred revenue and expenses, leases, loans, fixed assets, receivables and obligations.
•Compile monthly management accounts and reports to aid in decision making regarding investments, loan applications, procurement and other significant decisions.
•Perform cost accounting to aid in pricing and financing decisions. Analyse opportunity costs and other hidden costs.
•Compile budgets, forecasts and projections. Monitor and perform periodic variance analyses.
•Assist accounting departments that are short staffed.

Tax preparation
•Prepare corporate and individual tax returns. Analyse balances such as deferred tax, tax allowances and tax losses carried forward.
•Prepare VAT returns. Analyse input and output tax.
•Prepare tax schedules and reports to aid in the filing of the returns and management planning and decision making.

•Provide information and education regarding the state of affairs of the business and pertinent business issues.
•Business process improvement. Assist in optimizing business processes to achieve more efficient results.
•Assist in managing cash-flow, cost reduction, monitoring budgets and other business needs.
•Set up a sound internal control system. Continuously evaluate and monitor to identify weaknesses and recommend mitigating controls and / or decisions.
•Compile periodic management letters that detail business advice that may result in cost reduction, better cash flow management, efficient use of resources and effective internal control system.

Data entry and analysis
•Capture transactions and data from source documents.
•Analyse the data and prepare reports to aid in accounting and management decision making.

Company secretarial
•Assist in the formation, registration and liquidation of companies and business names.
•Maintain statutory records.
•Submit annual returns.
•Monitor compliance with legislated requirements.


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