Bizmak is a registered comprehensive, full-service marketing and advertising consultancy firm
based in Blantyre, Malawi. We are good at marketing strategy, planning and execution.

Notable areas of our expertise include: brand design and development, creative media
strategies and placement, print and interactive design, public relations, social networking and
online marketing, creative and technical writing, direct mail, email marketing, experiential
marketing, contract publishing and event planning and management.

Our clients operate their organizations. We determine and execute the tasks it takes to promote
them, their brands, their products, their events, and their people.

At Bizmak, we help our clients identify goals, and then we take responsibility for providing
cross-platform tactics to accomplish them. We have a capable technical team and talented
creative squad.

We research market behavior, trends, and all related matters in order to have relevant and
effective strategies. We do what it takes to make marketing, activation and event management
our thing.


C/o Box 735 Blantyre, Blantyre, Malawi