bj Consultants is a practice of Quantity Surveyors and Project managers established in 1999, wholly operated and managed by qualified construction professionals.

The main objective for establishing the practice was to offer value-for-money, more innovative, pro-active, and tailor-made expert advice and services to all sectors of the public including Government, with emphasis on individual requirements and demands. The idea was motivated by our belief that arising due to the complex nature and fragmentation of the construction industry, and the ever-changing client requirements must be anticipated rather than awaited as is the case at the moment.

Approach & Philosophy

The concept of professionalism is based on excellence- excellence of service firmly founded on up-to-date knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques. Fundamental ingredients of that excellence are the relevance of the service, its levels of performance, its methods and systems of delivery…”It is with the foregoing in mind, and as a response to market pressures on the nature, scope and delivery of quantity services, that we, at bj consultants have found it necessary to look into integrated construction environment and Information Technology for solutions and make it our cornerstone. This approach, we believe, will enable us to offer our clientele accurate results at short periods of time, and allow us more time to concentrate on managerial-orientated, value-added services in order to meet the ever increasing challenges and responses demanded of a modern Project Management and Quantity Surveying practice.

Management and staffing
Ms. J. Kaumba, BSc (Building Science), MAQS – Managing Director / Project Manager

Scope of Services Provided:

The practice provides full ‘traditional’ Building Consultancy services for all concerns of the Construction industry as follows;


Pre-contract stage

1. Preparation of feasibility, viability and cost-in-use studies for various development
project options.
2. Preparations of preliminary estimates based on sketch plans.
3. Preparations of detailed elemental estimates and cost plans, providing the client with a detailed budget. Constant monitoring and cost-checking of elemental design costs during the detailed design stage in order to retain costs within overall budget.
4. Working in collaboration with other consultants in the design team and advising on effects of various design solutions and methods of construction being considered.
5. Advice on procurement procedures or methods and management of the procurement process with emphasis on individual client requirements.
6. Advice on contractual matters and the choice of the most appropriate form of contract.
7. Preparation of firm, approximate, locational or provisional Bills of Quantities based on working drawings.
8. Preparation of material schedules and labour-only tender documents.
9. Checking and reporting on received tenders and advising on the selection of contractors.

Pre-contract service:

1. Liase project funds
2. Appoint private consultants
3. Formulate project scope with client
4. Briefing to private consultants
5. Compile, review and finalise the brief

Post Contract Services:

1. Prepare contract documentation and arrange for signing
2. Identify liason officer
3. Site handover and appoint liason officer
4. Determine work norms
5. Contract administration

Close out:

1. Submit “As Built Drawings”
2. Approve and submit final account
3. Conduct final inspection and issue inspection lists
4. Issue completion certificates
5. Draft and finalise guideline documents for future projects


1. Co-ordination of the professional team;

The project manager shall be responsible for the co-ordination of all consultants’ work and all information flow among consultants and all contractors. All consultants shall be liable for all technical aspects of their work and shall not hold the project manager responsible for any corrections, omissions and additions on their part necessary for the execution of the work.

2. Project Meetings;

Commissioning meeting shall be attended by Architect together with the Project Manager. Site and progress meetings shall be attended by all consultants assigned to the project to be chaired by the project manager. The dates and time of the meeting to be agreed among the project team and the client.

3. Contract Administration;

All tenders received from contractors shall be input into a computer system that will be used to generate priced contract documents and valuation books. The same system would subsequently be used to process the value of work as recorded by the Clerk of Works and draw up a Certificate for Payment.

Certificates for Payment shall be issued within five working days after the valuation date to ensure timely payments to contractors, thus reducing possible delays and disputes.

The Project manager shall work in conjunction with the surveyor responsible for a project and compile periodic financial statements and cost reports which shall be checked and signed by the project manager.

4. Final Account;

The measuring, pricing and agreeing of provisional quantities and variations shall be carried out by the surveyor assigned to the project. The Quantity surveyor shall compile, negotiate and finalise the account. The project manager shall double check the final account, draw up and sign the Standard Final Account Indemnity Forms provided by the client.


We are confident that our team, coupled with years of experience, profound and contemporary ideas, and the competitive edge and technological advantage offered by Information Technology, is in a position to take on any size of project within Botswana.

We trust that you will find our practice and the services that we are able to offer to be appealing and acceptable to your organisation. However, should you require any further clarification or information please contact our Ms. J Kaumba who will assist you in every possible way.


Plot 53773 Xugana Crescent, Phase 1, Phakalane, C/o Post Net AB4ABC Phakalane, Gaborone, Botswana